CO2 Laser Speedy 500: Business Growth by Design

The Trotec Speedy 500 is the ultimate laser cutting and engraving system for those who require fast processing of large volumes and/or large surface materials, where smaller laser models are often insufficient. The Speedy 500 is the most productive system in its class.



Your profit

  • More jobs in the same amount of time

The Speedy 500 works productively right from the start. It produces high quality engraving and cutting results on a wide variety of materials—at very high processing speeds and acceleration rates. For example, large-format engravings can be output up

to twice as fast on the Speedy 500 when compared to our competitors’ systems. The revolutionary shuttle table provides almost seamless production with minimal feed and discharge times. Investment costs are amortized very quickly.



  • Greater revenue by greater versatility

On its 1245 mm x 710 mm in working area (49 x 28 inches), the Speedy 500 provides enough space for most standard material formats in use today. Despite the large working area, every corner of the interior is easy to access.

The machine’s pass-through capability enables processing of very long and bulky parts. The unique multifunctional table concept (patents pending) facilitates optimal configuration for a large range of cutting and engraving applications—depending on specific job requirements users can select between a cutting table, honeycomb table or vacuum table.


Speedy 500 at one sight:

  • Working area: 1245 x 710 mm (49 x 28") or optional with pass-through: 1245 mm x ∞ (49" x ∞)

    45 W bis 200 W „Sealed-Off" CO2 Laser
  • Laser safety class 2
  • Air-flushed optics
  • Pass-through option (with laser safety class 4)
  • Brushless servo-motors stand for high precision and repeat accuracy 
  • Air cooling
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,1 mm (0.004") on the whole area

  • troCAM Software: for excellent cutting results
  • JobControl Job Management Software: provides functionality and flexibility
  • Lenses: 2.0 " standard, 2.5 " und 5 " are optionally available


Laserpointer: The laser pointer enables precise positioning of the specific engraving or cutting job.

Lenses: Different applications require different lenses to achieve optimal results. The Speedy 500 is by default supplied with a 2" lens.


Extended dust protection: Offers additional protection for motors and electronics in dustintensive applications.


Extraction on working head: An extractionhose is mounted directly on the working headand removes dust and smoke from the material surface during processing.


Air-flushed optics: All optics are air-flushed, providing for maintenance-free operation and long life.


Software: The intuitive Trotec JobControl Expert software allows the user to perform engraving and cutting jobs quickly and precisely.


Gas kit: Reduces flame-up, improves dust dispersal and also protects the lens. Activation and deactivation are controlled by the JobControl software.


Auxiliary lenses: Use of a 2.5" or 5" lens significantly improves output quality when cutting thick materials.


Pass-through: Enables processing of very long and bulky parts. The feed-through feature makes the Speedy 500 a laser safety class 4 device.


CCD camera: The camera system and I-Cut software ideally equip you for cutting printed films and other thin materials.


Rotary attachment: For engraving cylindrical, conical or spherical objects such as glasses, balls or bottles. The rotary attachment is mounted in the processing space instead of the table, thereby maximizing the processing diameter.


Software: Utilize troCAM software for cutting jobs. A basic and an advanced version of troCAM are available.


Auto-focus with photoelectric guard: Electro-optical auto-focus with photoelectric guard. Offers the extra convenience of accurate, automatic focusing of the laser beam on the workpiece surface.

The revolutionary multifunctional table concept

For the Speedy 500, Trotec has developed a table concept that is unique in today’s market. The best table for the desired application can be selected and easily changed. This provides very high quality results.


Patents are pending!


Standard table

The standard table is ideal for engraving heavy workpieces (marble, granite, wood, acrylic). It lies on the base frame and is supported by cross members.



Large processing area:

If necessary the system can be operated without a table insert. The workpieces are put onto the base frame which can be moved up and down electronically. This enables processing of workpieces with a height of up to 300 mm (12").

Cutting table:

With the cutting table you are optimally equipped for cutting heavy materials. The nozzle bar integral to the machine frame generates an ideal cross-flow of air, which

blows away dust particles and vapors beneath the process materials. The specially shaped air guides prevent cut parts that fall down through the screen from being burned or damaged. Anodized aluminum bars lock in place independently. They can be replaced by acrylic bars to assure reflection-free cutting.

Vacuum table:

Thin and light materials that tend to lie unevenly on the base can be engraved, cut or marked in combination with the vacuum table (e.g. films, plastic laminates, veneers, paper, etc.). The well-designedadapter system provides for maximal vacuum effect.

For further information about our CO2 laser Speedy 500 please download the brochure here or contact us!

Brochure Speedy 500



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